No other core buildup material has the flexibility and precise delivery of our bendable Needle Tip, and our material is non-slumping and less than $6.00 per use.


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Encore D/C’s non-slumping consistency stacks up high, but is flowable enough to fill in where needed.

More than 6,500 practices have ditched their slumping core buildup materials and are using Encore D/C. See how your practice can join their ranks with a free, no-pressure demo of Encore D/C.


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Encore D/C MiniMix

The Only Single-Patient Core Buildup Material on the Market.

Non-Slumping Material

Less than $6 per use

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Encore D/C lets you stay in control. More control, better results.

Encore D/C truly is non-slumping and makes core buildup easier and better

Encore D/C dual-cure formula speeds up your procedures and ensures complete cure of all material, regardless of depth or placement of the final restoration. The non-slumping formula eliminates the need to use a matrix/core-form. Made in the USA.

Cuts like dentin, no ditching

NeedleTube delivery to the bottom of the post space

Delayed cure technique

Virtually eliminates shrinkage, polymerization stress

Does not slump. Stays where its placed until you move it

“Encore D/C and Connexio are the best choices when you are using a dual-cure or a self-cure core build up material. No need for an etching step as with generation 4 and 5 and is chemical compatible, as opposed to most of the self-etching bonding, with dual cure or self-cure composite materials.”

Marian Fanica, DDS

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Dental Product Shopper evaluators rated Encore D/C MiniMix as an “excellent” and easy-to-use core composite with enhanced handling, cuttability, and opacity. They also noted that the longer tip allows for better visualization during the placement procedure, which larger application tips prevent. In addition, the dual-cure feature reduces procedure time while ensuring depth of cure.


Eliminates Cross-Contamination!